MS Testing offer some of the most comprehensive and up to date EMC testing facilities in the UK.

EMC Testing Facilities

Modern, State of the Art Laboratory

MS Testing moved into a prestigious new modern state-of-the-art laboratory in July 2009 and set to work expanding and developing the EMC and environmental facilities immediately.

In January 2010 we installed a 3m automated anechoic chamber featuring a 4m Mast and 1 tonne turntable enabling us to perform Radiated Emissions from 10kHz to 27GHz and Radiated Immunity from 80MHz to 2.7GHz. We use industry leading software and equipment which enables us to remotely control the testing process including antenna height, orientation and EUT rotation. This gives us incredible levels of efficiency and repeatability, reducing lead times and increasing throughput.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and enable us to satisfy even the most demanding of client requests. We have two access points to the anechoic chamber - a pneumatic double access door for use with our clients' larger products coupled with an engineer door next to our EMC shielded control room. Our amplifier and switch unit are located in another separate EMC screened room.

A Full Suite of EMC Compliance Testing

Our UKAS schedule now includes Conducted Immunity from 0.15MHz to 230MHz. Our test system is fully automated and is compliant with the latest requirements of EN 61000-4-6, utilising a current feedback clamp to dynamically monitor the injection current at every frequency during the test. Along with Fast Transients, ESD, Surge, Harmonics and Flicker test stations we are able to perform a full suite of EMC compliance testing to meet and exceed the vast majority of commercial EMC standards.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

We positively encourage our clients to visit our laboratory and enjoy the hospitality on offer. Clients can make use of our comfortable client room with WiFi, or witness the EMC testing procedure first-hand. Alternatively we can setup and test your equipment remotely.

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